Best Tools for Rewriting Sentences to Improve Content

A well-written line gives a writer one of the nicest feelings. Most authors frequently need to revise their sentences for length, simplicity, and clarity due to word count restrictions, readability considerations, and targeting word counts. If carried out manually, this can be a tiresome task. However, using tools to rework your statements is now more simple than ever. We’ll go over numerous ways you may use these tools to write text that converts as a content marketer. Additionally, we include the best sentence rewriting programs, both free and premium, or you can contact for professional help.

A sentence rewriter is what?

With a specific goal in mind, a sentence rewriter creates new iterations of the sentence you’ve already written. Artificial intelligence (AI) and contextual synonyms are frequently used by these technologies to produce sentences with the same meanings but in a different tone, shorter length, or with a higher level of readability. Frequently, these technologies can be used to either create paragraph-length sentences or to paraphrase entire articles.


How to make your writing better by using a sentence rewriter

Even experienced writers occasionally use sentence rewriting or paraphrase software. Here are four typical applications for these sentence-switch generators:


Write new sentences

It’s simple to fall back on the familiar words you frequently misuse or even plagiarize when you produce numerous articles each week. You can avoid plagiarism and the hassle of utilizing a thesaurus by employing a sentence rewriter. You can use the tool to paraphrase your sentence by simply pasting your own words into the text field.

Expanding your sentences can help your viewers understand your topic matter and will demonstrate your level of expertise. To be picky, but a well-expanded sentence (free of fluff!) can also make it simple for you to meet your word limit. Generators of new sentences can be useful here.


Streamline your sentences

On the other hand, if you tend to write in long phrases, you could need assistance doing so. Shorter sentences are simpler to read quickly and comprehend. If you’re not a fan of unending threads, they can also help you stay inside your word limit and are useful for social networking content (hello Twitter!).


Condense your sentences

Everyone values information that is simple to understand, regardless of whether their audience has strong literacy abilities or not. So it’s advisable to stick to basic phrases and write at a 7th–8th grade reading level or lower. Your writing is simpler and more entertaining to read than academic publications thanks to sentence rewriting software.


10 tools for changing sentences or writing text

Are you prepared to get sentence-building assistance? For you, we’ve chosen the best ten sentence rewriters.

1. Jasper

Jasper, our AI copywriting assistant, is unique because it goes beyond simple synonym replacement. The technology genuinely considers your sentence before using its database of subject-matter expertise to summarize, simplify, or expand it as necessary.

We’ve already demonstrated how the Content Improver and Explain It to a Child templates in Jasper may be used to make text simpler. However, Jasper also offers a Content Summarizer template that condenses your text and emphasizes the key points, as well as a Sentence Expander template that accomplishes the exact opposite by prolonging material and incorporating essential information.


The Sentence Expander is shown in use here:



  • 52+ templates, with at least three ways to rewrite phrases and articles as a whole.
  • Instead than merely substituting synonyms for the original words, the “thinking” tool rewrites the content.
  • produces content of the highest caliber that reads and sounds human
  • accessible in over 25 languages
  • allows you to choose any speech tone
  • For all payment tiers, sentence rewriting templates are provided.



  • greater price than competing tools
  • Limited word count for the starter plan
  • Starting at $29 and $59, respectively, are the Starter and Boss Mode plans’ prices.


2. Wordtune

You can rework, condense, or enlarge written content using the sentence rewriter Wordtune. Additionally, you can switch the text’s tone from official to informal and vice versa. Instead of complete articles, this straightforward technique works best for shorter lines.

To improve the text in emails, social media posts, and other forms of correspondence, add the Wordtune extension to your browser.



  • With the Wordtune Chrome extension, use when traveling.
  • Simple tool for sentence rewriting
  • provides a free plan with 20 sentence revisions every day.
  • Free 7-day Premium trial for brand-new users



  • Expand and Shorten are Premium features.
  • available only in English
  • Offers a free plan for pricing. Premium is $119.88 per year and $24.99 per month.


3. QuillBot

Using AI, this paraphrase tool enables you to rewrite complete articles and sentences. While you update your work, QuillBot can also alter the tone and style of your writing and correct grammatical problems.

With QuillBot, you may choose from a variety of synonyms to find the perfect word for your content and choose how much of your text the tool modifies. Additionally, QuillBot offers a tool called Summarizer that produces output as either bullet points or paragraphs.



  • allows you to select particular synonyms
  • enables you to correct grammar as you rewrite sentences
  • combines Google Docs, Word, and Chrome
  • Useful for revising sentences and articles
  • 3 day money-back guarantee at full value



  • leaves a lot of the effort of choosing synonyms up to you
  • Limited free plan available
  • The Premium plan is $19.95 per month and $99.95 per year.


4. Outline

Outwrite, a tool for paraphrasing, provides readers with a number of sentence and article rewriting options as part of their Premium plan. You can make sentences stronger, longer, or shorter. Additionally, the application offers ideas for lexical, stylistic, and structural advancements.

With numerous platforms like Google Docs, Outlook, WordPress, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Outwrite integrates seamlessly. Additionally, if you have a Chrome browser, you can utilize the addon.



  • offers advice on how to rewrite sentences
  • provides grammatical and spelling suggestions
  • connects to a wide range of additional work platforms
  • offers plagiarism checks to make sure the information is authentic.
  • Free 7-day Premium trial for brand-new users



  • With the free plan, only spelling and grammar mistakes are made.
  • Pricing: The premium plan costs $9.95 per month when paid annually, while the Teams plan is $7.95.


5. Ginger 

This sentence rephraser specializes in rephrasing sentences using synonyms. Ginger will substitute a few synonyms for each statement you enter in to provide you a different way to phrase it.

With the Premium subscription, you get infinite generations while the Free plan only permits a set amount of rephrases. Additionally, a grammar checker, additional synonyms, and translation services are available to you.



  • short documents by substituting synonyms for the terms in them
  • grammatical checks are available on the premium plan.
  • enables translation into 40 different languages



  • Text cannot be shortened, simplified, or expanded.
  • Rewriting based on synonyms can be choppy or employ sophisticated language.
  • Pricing: The Premium plan usually costs $19.99 a month, but there are occasionally sales where you can get it for just $13.99.


6. INK

INK is a hybrid writing and SEO assistance powered by AI. You can use their sentence rewriting service to make text more straightforward, longer, or shorter as necessary. INK offers an uncluttered user interface and lets you create as many output options as necessary.

We used their Sentence Expander tool, and while it wasn’t quite as effective as Jasper, it still produced acceptable results. Just have a look.



  • Available for download on Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • WordPress plug-in for your CMS edit
  • Tools to rephrase, enlarge, and simplify your text
  • strong free plan



  • Content reads more mechanically than humanly
  • Internet access is still needed for desktop applications.
  • Pricing: The Pro SEO and Team SEO Unlimited plans are priced at $44 and $177 per month, respectively, when paid for annually. The INK Starter plan is $8. A free plan is also offered.


7. Sentence Rewriter for SEO

A selection of writing and SEO tools are available in SEO Magnifier. The Sentence Rewriter is one of these. The way that this rewriter works is by suggesting alternate alternatives for the words in your sentence, much like an article spinner.

The next step is for you to choose your favourite replacement and build an original statement with original content. Here is what the tool produced using the identical sentence sample that we used.



  • free online resource
  • Website provides further content paraphrase and spinning services.
  • No need to download a desktop application
  • Simple and quick to use



  • just rewrites with no provision for sentence expansion or shortening
  • out-of-date user interface
  • Price: Free resource.


8. Copies AI

CopyAI’s Sentence Rewriter is another another fantastic sentence-rewriting tool. One fantastic feature is that, if you have a CopyAI account, you may utilize this tool from there or from the Free tools website (no signup or sign in required).

This free online tool performs a decent job at matching the intent and context of your sentence, in contrast to some tools that just replace the original words with synonyms whether they make sense or not. This can be seen in our sample sentence. As an illustration, the final product even develops and provides a more thorough version of the initial sentence.



  • attractive, simple-to-use tool that doesn’t require registration
  • Natural-sounding outputs of the highest caliber
  • allows you to alter a sentence’s tone
  • Tools for SEO content and copy rewriting with keywords are also available in the CopyAI account.



  • No sentence expansion choices
  • There are no other languages offered for this product.
  • Cost: Use is free.


9. Frase

Another well-liked sentence-transformer that aids in the creation of original, plagiarism-free content is called Frase. At one moment, it can rephrase up to 400 words. Therefore, you can rewrite larger amounts of text at once rather than doing it sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph as you must with some tools.



  • Changed terms are marked so you can quickly assess how unique the results are.
  • The choice to write the subsequent sentence also serves as a means of rewriting sentences in the active voice.
  • Page offers suggestions for revising sentences.



  • You can only make sentences more formal in terms of tone.
  • There is no possibility to expand, shorten, add keywords, etc.
  • Free software is exclusively offered in English.
  • Free of charge. However, Frase’s subscriptions start at $44.99 a month if you want access to its other writing tools.


10. Defining

The last tool is called Paraphraser, and it includes a lot of useful features. Choose from one of three options: Fluency to enhance a sentence’s coherence and naturalness; Standard for a basic paraphrase; or Creative to produce more innovative versions of the source material.

Additionally, after your material has been redone, Paraphraser will be able to edit the grammar, check for plagiarism, and summarize it for a shorter, more concise form.



  • Three settings to control the tool’s outputs
  • There are three different ways to phrase the text.
  • 13 languages, including English, are offered.



  • gives just one revised choice each run.
  • No voice tone adjustment option
  • There is no method to increase the output’s length.
  • Pricing: Use of the tool is free for up to 500 words. You must pay $20 per month to raise the word count restriction to 1,000 and receive additional benefits like Creative Mode.

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