Past of the Bong

Historians and aficionados challenge the beginning and development of bongs. It is because there is certainly hardly any data to back again a idea that’d be widely recognized. The variants inleisurely and ceremonial, and healing cigarette smoking across historic societies complicate points additional.

Current breakthroughs have punched openings in earlier theories, and there’s an understanding that new discoveries down the road could have an identical result.

Nevertheless, there is incontrovertible data that a number of cultures strewn across various continents have used bongs (or at best one of its crude types) over hundreds of years. The oldest recognized usage of bongs was by Scythian tribal chiefs. They used solid golden bongs, a few of which were unearthed in Russia some time back. These excavated bongs were 2400 years old.

Another chronologically important finding was of planet bongs found in an Ethiopian cave that dated returning to involving the 11th and 14th century. Later use of bongs was recorded (initially written records of bong use) in 16th century Asia. Although water pipes acquired prominence through the Ming Dynasty, they had become the gadget of choice for smoking through the Qing Dynasty.

A great deal that there were two main kinds of normal water pipes—the normal home made bongs manufactured from bamboo utilized by the commoners and metallic bongs used by the top level. As time progressed, as the metallic model started to seep in to the city places and merchant course nobility employed much more stylish bongs made from sterling silver and decorated with jewels.

A noteworthy accounts is in the Empress Dowager Cixi who was buried with a minimum of three of her prized bongs. Clearly, the artistic component of bong making isn’t a uniquely modern day trend.

The standard bamboo bongs were also well-liked outside China, ultimately owning an extended achieve throughout Central Asian countries. The Thai name—“baung” is definitely the underlying word for your adjusted ‘bong’ now widely used. As cigarette became a cash crop in Asian countries, the bong business flourished in commerce majorly through the Silk Highway for hundreds of years.

In addition, it flourished in Europe through the 18th and 19th generations, eventually getting to The usa. These Victorian bongs had been often made from ceramic. Afterwards, the glassblowing disciplines motion in the past due 1970’s led to the popularity of the modern day window drinking water water lines. Presently, bongs are made of various supplies and in widely different types.

Varieties of Bongs

By material/create/composition

When regarded as historically and over diverse civilizations, materials used in the output of bongs different wildly—wood,bamboo and earth, and treasured metals. In specific timelines however, the types of materials of choice were often minimal, say precious metal for the Scythians or bamboo &amp sterling silver in China.

Nowadays, due to our more sophisticated manufacturing ability, bong makers (and through extension, buyers) are ruined for selection, being a broader swathe of supplies is accessible. Each has its pluses and downsides and we’d look at them singly.


Tolerates repetitive exposure to extreme temperature and humidity. This can be a provided for just about any materials used for making bongs. But glass takes it to a new level as it doesn’t balk—crack, bend and break up or warp—when set beneath the tension of such conditions. In addition, it contains their own over time also.

Chemically inert. Should you be a fan of a 100 % pure, clear strike, then window bongs really are a best choice. They don’t alter the herb’s flavor, in contrast to some alternatives (bamboo, metal…).

Servicing is a cinch. The translucent nature of window enables simple monitoring of resin accumulation and comprehensive clean-up. Collectively, the 3 plus points support assure long life (if properly cared for).

2.Plastic-type or Acrylic

Tough. If you decide to inadvertently drop your plastic material bong from the size, you’d only have to deal with spilled water in contrast to the tiny broken glass fragments that’d greet you if it have been a glass bong.

Low-cost. Plastic bongs price only a small part of window bongs. Therefore it is perfect for those on a tight budget.


  • Wood bongs are adequately resistant against warmth and moisture to last a although, particularly when properly maintained.
  • Bootubes in particular characteristically think about lower than hardwood bongs and may have a steel or window container. Bamboo bongs will also be nicely responsive to the use ofmetal and paint, or varnish inside their style to liven their appearance.


Strong. Metallic is sturdier than window and plastic material, and so the very last thing you’d concern yourself with as a metallic bong operator is its lifespan.

Cost-effective. Metal bongs have been in the identical range of prices as plastic material bongs, and so offer substantial savings when compared with glass bongs.


Aesthetics is satisfying. Iconic earthenware bongs are prized assets. You might ogle at them all day long, and the best part is the fact that there isn’t any compromise in overall performance.

Hit is fantastic. Ceramic bongs aren’t quite as inert as glass bongs, however they are as close as any option materials. Many actually find the locate leaching to be remarkable.

Nevertheless, simply because porcelain isn’t perfect for warmth conduction, the dish is typically made from metallic. Which unsurprisingly definitely makes the light up flavor a little bit metallic. Theoretically, while the light up is a mixed case (tip of metallic and earthenware leaching), comments on the success quality of ceramic bongs is normally positive.

Relatively inexpensive. Porcelain bongs are less expensive than window normal water pipes. But can be more expensive than plastic material bingers as a result of work and talent that is put into causing them to be, particularly if you are becoming an unorthodox design.

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