Sims 4 Game Mods That Might Be Great For Your Gaming Experience

Stories With Meaning

Because it completely overhauls the game’s mood or emotions system, the meaningful stories mod by Roburky is a fantastic choice for your game. It makes minor adjustments to several moodlets and modifies how they effect your Sims, which greatly increases the realism of your Sims.

This is great since it will add powerful, long-lasting boosts that will last much longer. It’s hardly realistic when a Sim gets cheated on in The Sims 4 and then, two minutes later, is in a good mood when they eat a vegetable and enter a beautifully furnished home.

Chance of Miscarriage

I am aware that not everyone will enjoy this mod, and I also recognize the fact that thousands of mothers experience the heartbreaking loss of a child every day. So, if this mod isn’t for your gaming, I completely understand.

Miscarriages are very real and frequent, though some Sims 4 players want to witness that gameplay. With this mod, there’s a potential that your Sims will miscarry and lose their child, which will give them persistently depressing moodlets.

Additional Best Pals

The fact that your Sims can only have one best friend at a time and losing their old best friend while making a new one makes The Sims 4 exceedingly ridiculous. This implies that you cannot simultaneously be best friends with your partner and your really best friend, which has always bothered me.

You can have several best friends in your game at any given time thanks to the extra best friends mod, which also drastically reduces the cooldown for making new best friends.

Intense Romance

The romance interactions in The Sims 4 have always seemed to be lacking to me. I truly miss some of The Sims 2’s sillier interactions, like goofing off and cuddling in bed. The Sacrificial mod “passionate romance” is excellent for giving the game additional romantic encounters.

Your sims can engage in love conversations and even take brand-new romantic selfies, which will appear in their inventory and can be hung up on the wall to be cherished forever.

Pregnancy Revision

The Sims 4’s pregnancy system needs a significant redesign because it is so unrealistic. Thankfully, LittleMsSam produced the pregnancy overhaul mod to address this issue. This may accomplish a variety of things, but the first is removing the enormous pregnancy belly and letting you select a different type so they appear a little less ludicrous in the game.

Additionally, it does rid of the game’s pregnancy walk style and the restriction on what pregnant Sims can do, which includes swimming, mud baths, bowling, and more. The Sims 4 is now more realistic than ever thanks to the optional mod’s addition of the possibility for a sim to die during childbirth, which occurs occasionally in real life.

Practical Responses

The Sims 4’s biggest frustration is that your sims never respond appropriately to bizarre events that occur in their life. When a sim cheats on their spouse, the one who was betrayed will be angry, but other moodlets can rapidly take control and the anger will pass. Additionally, the cheating sim doesn’t usually even respond.

When Sims cheat in the game or when there are fights amongst Sims in their household, the realistic reactions mod completely changes how Sims behave. Even when they find their family members cheating, kids and teens will react and feel upset.

Risky Woohoo

There is always a potential that you could become pregnant via woohoo in the real world, and that is one very, very real facet of life. However, in The Sims 4, you can only become pregnant by trying for a child.

Thanks to the dangerous woohoo mod, your sims have a chance of becoming pregnant without trying. Additionally, this mod adds problems with conception and pregnancy, making things more realistic.

Sim National Bank

The Sims 4’s family money system is incredibly straightforward yet completely inaccurate, which hurts the game’s attempt at realism. It’s fantastic that you can give your sims access to their own bank accounts and let them borrow money from a real sims bank using this hack for Sim National Bank.

Simda Dating App

We now have the LittleMsSam Simda Dating App mod that can help you find love, but I am pleading for the online dating system from The Sims 3 to make a comeback.

With the help of this mod, your Sims can go on blind dates, dates with total strangers, or even just one-night stands. This is particularly entertaining because you don’t have to wait around in a public area for a suitable bachelor or bachelorette to appear—all you get are Nancy Landgraab and Judith Ward.

Slice of Life

When I play for enjoyment, the slice of life mod is one of my must-haves and is always in my game because it enhances the experience so much. This mod adds a ton of subtle adjustments, such as appearance changes for your Sims as they experience emotions (i.e., looking teary eyed when they are sad or getting rosy cheeks when embarassed).

Additionally, this patch introduces the Myers-Briggs personality system to The Sims 4, giving your sims a new type of personality. A sim who is feeling playful and takes a bubble bath won’t become playful; instead, they’ll start feeling stupid, adding depth. This also modifies the mood system.

Slice of Life also introduces a Menstrual Cycle option, giving your sims a lovely monthly gift that might cause them to experience cravings and cramps and therefore providing a great deal of realism.

Slumber Party Mod

A sleepover or slumber party event type for our sims is something that I still find hard to believe is missing from The Sims 4. Since having friends over to stay was a big part of my upbringing and is something that kids in the real world frequently do, I detest that it doesn’t.

The good news is that this sleepover mod enables you to have your Sims hang out overnight and host a sleepover for one or more buddies. Such a straightforward but powerful mod.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one thing that people in the real world deal with, and they may be a major hindrance for many people. Your Sims always have flawless skin in The Sims 4, which is completely ridiculous.

With the stretch markings mod, you may add stretch marks to your Sims under the tattoo category, giving them a more realistic appearance, especially if they are expecting or have just given birth.

Genuine Joy

The true happiness mod modifies how your sims react to happiness. Your sims’ default state is altered such that they are no longer joyful by default and will only truly experience happiness if fortunate circumstances arise in their lives.

Mod for Ultrasound Scan

Your pregnant sims can undergo an ultrasound with the ultrasound scan mod to see an image of their unborn child and even learn the gender. Pregnancy feels much more real thanks to this simple rabbit hole event, which costs 75 simoleons.

The nicest thing is that, if you choose, you can hang a picture of the ultrasound scan on a wall in your house.

Unlisted Telephone

Your Sims receiving sporadic phone calls from individuals they have never met or only have a tenuous relationship within Subway Surfers apk with everything unlocked The Sims 4 is a little irritating that I find annoying. With the unlisted phone number mod, your sims can only call each other after exchanging numbers with another sim. Additionally, it enables you to cancel the phone number if you no longer wish to receive calls from that individual.

Lovely Whims

The designer of wonderful whims, which offers all the goodies without the NSFW content, just released wicked whims, one of the most well-known NSFW mods for The Sims 4. This makes it available to players who prefer a more PG-rated game.

The game has a ton of new, intriguing features thanks to this mod my preferred? Instead of simply being attracted to every Sim in the game, the attractiveness system lets you specify your preferences and have a particular kind in the game.

Additionally, this mod can include a menstrual cycle, birth control, and many other features that alter how the game functions. It’s a truly fantastic mod!

Final Reflections

I hope you like this list as much as I did since creating this list of suggestions for realistic gameplay truly made me want to redownload all of these mods and play the Sims for the whole day. These tweaks can, in fact, provide The Sims 4 more realism and realistic circumstances. Have fun playing!

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