Manual Post Hole Digger Buying Guide

Searching for a post hole digger, however, not so sure where to start? Simple to comprehend. As the device itself is relatively simple, it also isn’t quite as common as say, a hand drill, meaning there are numerous concerns that you could not know to consider prior to making your choice.

Our wager is you probably want to do the investigation required to have the best obtain possible, however, you just don’t hold the time in your schedule to make it work.

If this describes your circumstances, we completely comprehend. Lifestyle could be pretty crazy at times, that will make it difficult to accomplish the research that’s needed when you make a large buy.

That’s why we did it for you. We performed the assessments, analyzed the market, and recognized the best possibilities.

Now all that’s remaining for you to do would be to relax, relax, and appreciate these evaluations of handbook posthole diggers.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve read the evaluations yet still aren’t sure that you’re all set to make a selection, that’s fine. Getting the right posthole digger can take some time and knowledge. In the event, you nevertheless aren’t certain exactly what you ought to get free from your posthole digger, keep reading for a few purchasing concerns that will assist to streamline your choice. So to get the best manual post hole digger you should follow these guidelines.

Excess weight:

Digging postholes is quite brisk function in any circumstance. Nevertheless, you can find elements which can be limited to the equipment that you’re making use of that will make it either much easier or maybe more difficult.

Excess weight is among these elements. Whilst weighty bodyweight is often data that the instrument is well-developed and created to very last for a long period, additionally, it may lead to many unneeded fatigue.

If you’re a regular home consumer that will only be using this product for sporadic use, then you need to have no worries selecting a digging device that’s lighter in weight (the 8-10 pound variety should suit many people).

If you need to obtain a bulkier system, take into consideration trying to find one that has convenience features integrated into the style, such as cushioned grips and ergonomic manage placements.

These little characteristics is likely to make a big difference after a long time of work.


Just about the most critical components of the handbook posthole digger is definitely the supplies used in the building.

Typically, this instrument is fairly basic: a steelhead as well as a wooden manage.

Nevertheless, as technology has improved, it has become far more possible to optimize the tool for strenuous use.

Almost all purchasers will be best offered by trying to find a posthole digger that features a light-weight, steel create.

The metal manage is way better best for wear and tear. In addition, it won’t be subject to rot along with other weather conditions- based threats that plague solid wood deals with.

This stated, there are a number of good reasons which a purchaser might take a look at a wood-handled digger.

For starters, timber- dealt with diggers are generally more affordable than their metallic alternatives (though this isn’t always the case).

Additionally they are generally a bit lighter in weight.

Whilst cost and body weight are very important, nearly all buyers will nevertheless discover that the enormous increase in sturdiness that this metal manage gives makes it a much more eye-catching option.


You almost certainly noticed throughout the course of these testimonials that price can vary pretty drastically from device to device. Whilst there’s always merit to buying the best product you are able to get hold of, take into account that this isn’t an instrument that you necessarily have to devote a lot of cash on.

While industrial users may take advantage of the more rugged, and much more attribute- wealthy (a.k.a. higher priced) devices, do-it-yourselfers usually can locate a ideal and affordable option.


Lastly, it’s also essential to take into consideration how strong you’re going to require your openings to become.

As you may have noticed, a number of the units about this listing can dig further than others. Resources like our number one choose, the Fiskars, are designed to look very serious slots, while others are more moderate in their abilities.

Ultimately, you need to stock your present needs—as well as any needs you may experience for upcoming products—as you might try to find out how serious you need your tool to be able to look.

If you’re uncertain, you might find that it’s better to choose a tool that’s capable of digging much deeper than you currently will need. This option will enable you to deal with a broader variety of jobs.


And then there it is. You’ve look at the evaluations of manual posthole diggers, benefitted from our buyer’s guide, and now all that’s left is the tough portion: making a decision.

Which of those choices matches best along with your scenario? While it isn’t our spot to inform you things to purchase, we do possess a handful of recommendations that people can leave you with.

If you’re looking for the best choice available both hands on, we recommend choosing our top choice, the Fiskars.

On the other hand, if finding a spending budget buy is more your priority, then you can’t go awry with the “best for the money” choose, the Seymour Structron Hercules PD48.

Needless to say, these are generally only ideas. Given that you’ve read through our guide, you are able to choose for yourself which option is best for your needs!

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